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Get your military, federal and non-governmental media in print, on your smartphone, online, in a browser or on one of our portable media players. Print, PDF and e-mail and upload your pictures and videos. Print, download and e-mail or upload pictures and videos online from one of our portable players, or via the free Mobile App. E-mail media directly from the Media Page on the Media Log in the Administration Menu. For immediate printing of orders, photos, or other media (using the standard military printout software) using the desktop Printing service, open the Print Order dialog from the Order Log, then click Print Order at the bottom of the dialog. Send media to Army Medical Services (ARMY MEDICAL SERVICES, ARMY MEDICAL DEPT., ARMY MEDICAL TRUST, ARMY INFRASTRUCTURE OPERATIONS, ARMY MEDICAL TRUST-MEDICARE CIVILIAN OPERATIONS). Media should be sent via FedEx, Postal Service, or military freight carrier. To get a hold of Military Media, visit Media.

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Worksheets are mobile-friendly, print-friendly, and ready to fill in. You only need to type in your data once. Save and share your worksheets online. All worksheets are formatted according to a modern font. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions make filling in your worksheets simple but effective. Each worksheet includes links to all data in the sheet, along with their associated formulas and ranges. Worksheets are created in minutes. Download your free template Download your free copy of Petty PDF template worksheets online! With these worksheets, you can quickly and easily create and fill out your worksheets in Excel. Create and Fill Out Your Worksheets in Excel With Petty PDF templates, you can quickly and easily create and fill out your Excel worksheets within minutes. Petty PDF's templates for Excel come in various templates, for different needs, for students, for professionals, or for anyone who wants to quickly create and fill out Excel worksheets. If you have been struggling to keep up with.

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Create or sign up for USCG Alerts and get alerted to pending USCG CG-3788B actions in your home state. • Get USCG CG-3788B action notifications every 2 hours, or you can set an alert for whenever you have a new USCG CG-3788B action in your area • Download, save, and copy files to your devices and send them to the USCG for approval or action. — Copy files up to 200 MB (file sizes vary by device) between your USCG account and your Android device • Save files to your local system with a simple drag and drop of files. • View USCG CG-3788B notifications using the notification center for the USCG on your mobile device or PC. — Requires an active subscription from the USCG via an in-app purchase. • Free with the USCG App Store subscription — You can save a copy of your USCG certificate on your local system, and it.

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You do not need to have an Officer's License to handle a Class O or OI citation. If you have your citation with you, you can carry it with you. You do not need to have one of the applicable licenses to handle a Class A or B citation. If you have your citation with you, you can carry it with you. You are not considered to have the permission of the owner (person or entity) and the operator if there is a difference of opinion as to the facts of the occurrence. You are advised to carry the owner's/operator's license with you for the purposes of establishing your identity during the proceeding and for obtaining the citation in the event of a collision or accident. The owner/operator license will be destroyed after 7 days if the citation was not paid. The owner's or operator's license will be destroyed after 30 days has elapsed.

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Fill in only what's necessary to make sure that you can find your information quickly and accurately. What if you misspell your mailing address? Do you need to make a change or upgrade to the number on the registration card you received? Use our fillable template to prepare and send your new or updated address. Can I update my information if I am changing jobs? Can I update my information if I am retiring? How do I update my address? How do I update my registration info? Fill out our blank templates and mail them back to your local registration office. You can also download a PDF version (MB PDF) from the Registration Assistance page below. How do I change an address? How do I change my address? Fill out the form to obtain your new address from the State of Massachusetts or mail it in. Your registration cards can still be used if you send in the new.